Sara Hirsch slam poet visit
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Posted: Thursday, 25 Jan 2018
Author: Alison Jeffery, Upper School Librarian

What an amazing two days! UK slam poet Sara Hirsch worked with students in Years 6-10, entertaining, engaging and motivating everyone she worked with through two action-packed days this week. Sara’s workshops ranged from performance sessions with Years 6-8 where students watched Sara perform her poems to asking her questions on ‘everything and anything you want to know’. Year 9 focused on found poetry, scouring social media, Sara’s book and school corridors to find text they could manipulate into a poem they then performed before their year group. Year 10 literature students developed their ability to interpret unseen poetry through two workshops that saw their confidence grow visibly.

Sara’s visit was energy-filled, creative and inspiring. Students were left with the belief and confidence that not only poetry is a form of writing that is accessible to them, it is one that they can relate to and create themselves.