Visual Arts and Design
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Students from Year 6 to 13 are taught by specialist Art teachers, who support them in developing technical skills along with creativity and problem solving ability. Projects range from traditional portrait painting through to architectural model making and digital media. There is an emphasis on drawing directly from observation and on developing critical analytical skills in discussing work by other artists and designers. Our aim is to encourage students to achieve excellence through a passionate and inquisitive approach to the study of the subject.
At the end of the school day, the creativity continues. The Co-curricular Programme offers opportunities for individual work as well as leadership in collaborative projects, many of which have a whole school focus. Students are expected to aspire to high standards in the work they produce but are also encouraged to be experimental and to take creative risks.
Our programme includes activities such as life drawing, photography, puppet making, textiles and set design and many of these can contribute to portfolio preparation for our Year 12 and 13 Art College applicants. There are various opportunities for students to visit exhibitions at local galleries and to develop links with practising artists and designers.
Each year there are a number of creative competitions. This year, Secondary students were challenged to design and make a chair for one of the invited guests at an imaginary and surreal dinner party. Students worked across the Year Groups in House teams to create chairs for Alfred Hitchcock, Neil Armstrong, Willy Wonka, King Henry VIII and Cleopatra!
The Film Competition this year invited each House to create a short film which followed ten important rules, ranging from the practical to the ridiculous. A selection of these entries was screened as part of a week-long Film Festival in March of this year.