The Harrow Prize
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The Edexcel Harrow Prize

We have something special here at Harrow Bangkok, ‘Harrovian spirit’- a never give up attitude that sees students engaging productively with the academic, pastoral, sporting, artistic and community elements of Harrow life. The Harrow Prize recognises and rewards students who commit, throughout their Sixth Form life, to that ethos.

Externally accredited by Edexcel (International Exam Board), the Harrow Prize carries currency with universities and employers alike. Achieving it is tough and not all students are successful. Those that do have proven their ability to; 

  • excel whatever the challenge
  • provide successful leadership
  • demonstrate resilience
  • be empathetic for those less fortunate than themselves

These abilities are familiar to our Sixth Formers due to the development of their leadership attributes throughout their time at Harrow Bangkok.

To achieve the Harrow Prize students are expected to commit and contribute within the following domains;

  • Academic results (Minimum 4 AS levels and 7 IGCSEs)
  • Cultural activities (Music, drama, the arts, cultural visits)
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Communication skills
  • Service to others
  • Skills Development (First Aid, Cookery, working with disabled children, …)

The majority of students who complete the Harrow Prize will not need to do anything out of the ordinary to achieve it as the elements required to achieve the Diploma are all facets of a normal education at Harrow Bangkok. Many students will have fulfilled the requirements during the course of their everyday schooling through their classes and Leadership in Action activities such as community service and outdoor challenge programmes.