Support Services
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We are very fortunate at Harrow Bangkok to have an extensive range of Student Support Services to ensure every pupil reaches his or her full potential. All our pupils have unique skills and talents. The Student Support Services enable us to tailor programmes to an individual pupil’s needs. This excellent support enables all pupils to flourish.

Language Support

We are committed to providing a quality education in English for all our students. The Language Support Department provides support for those children who are finding the acquisition of the English language challenging. Language Support refers to the assistance that is given to help the student in gaining sufficient English language proficiency to cope within the demands of an English-speaking school environment. Support is designed to equip students with enough English to enable them to:

  • Forge social relationships and cope with the practical expectations of life in an English-speaking school
  • Gain the spoken and written English required to function fully in a main stream academic classroom
  • Enjoy reading English for pleasure as well as reading to access the curriculum

The Language Support Department is happy to discuss any issues with you regarding your child’s progress and, with your help at home, enable your child to have a greater understanding and proficiency in English.

Gifted and Talented

“Talent hits a target that no-one else can hit. Genius hits a target that no-one else can see”. Arthur Schopenhauer

Students at Harrow Bangkok who are identified as being Gifted and Talented are offered extended support throughout both the Lower and Upper School. This takes the form of targeted extension and support from a specialist or class teacher in the Lower School and from subject teachers in the Upper School.

Identification of students can occur by various means, usually as a result of data collected from cognitive testing, or by teacher referral. However, they can also be identified through parent referral or as a result of behaviours manifested that would indicate that they are Gifted and Talented.

Harrow Bangkok is a founder member of the Bangkok Gifted and Talented Cluster Group which now incorporates a number of top International Schools. This group meets on a regular basis to share up to date education guidelines for this provision. The Group organises cluster days for different abilities and age groups and member schools are invited to send Gifted and Talented students to participate. At these days students are challenged in their thinking in various areas of the curriculum.

Learning Support

Harrow Bangkok provides for students with a range of abilities. We have learning support teachers to work with students who may find some aspects of the curriculum in their lessons challenging.

The role of learning support teachers includes;

  • Assessment of student needs
  • Working with class teachers to provide for students who need additional support
  • Creating a plan with targets to address specific needs of the students
  • Managing the process of access arrangement applications.

It is important that school staff and parents work together collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for students. We encourage regular communication between school, home and any external support providers, in order to best meet the needs of the students and to discuss areas of progress.

If it is felt that we are not the school which can best provide for a particular student, the School will support and help parents in finding an alternative placement for their child.

When deemed necessary, a specialist assessment may be recommended by an outside consultant, for example, by an Educational Psychologist or Occupational Therapist. Options for these types of assessment are provided by the Learning Support Co-ordinators.

Speech and Language

We have a dedicated Speech and Language Teacher who works across the School to help students overcome speech issues. After referral by a teacher or parent, children are assessed and supported with individual sessions tailored to meet the needs of the child. Both speech (e.g. articulation) and language (e.g. vocabulary, grammar, communications skills) issues are addressed and resolved.

Movement Therapy

Harrow Bangkok offers dedicated movement therapy for those children students who for whom it would be beneficial. We are able to identify children who need extra support with co-ordination and balance. Expert support then enables children needing help to overcome movement issues, impacting extremely positively on concentration, fine motor skills, self-esteem and classroom performance.