Student Leaders in Boarding
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Welcome to boarding, an environment that provides you with the opportunity to hone your life skills, work hard and, most importantly, have lots of fun with your peers. We have the perfect environment for achieving the best academic results and developing your leadership skills. Boarding is also brilliant preparation for university life.

We are always excited to welcome newcomers, and the boarding staff really do help provide the best possible life away from home.


From the Head Boy of Bradbys

I have only recently joined Harrow Bangkok having arrived during the middle of last academic year. I chose to join boarding because I am curious about the boarding community life and I want to be confident and independent. The boarding community is warm and welcoming, in fact, I felt like boarding was my second home right from my very first week. I love the people at boarding. Everyone is unique and they all have something interesting about them. This has allowed me to see things from many different perspectives. My role is to encourage the boys in Bradbys to be curious and active and to not be afraid of making mistakes. Life is an opportunity to learn and boarding provides a great place to realise your potential. The boarding community is like a village where we create bonds with lots of different people of all ages. I look forward to having an impact as Head boy this year.


From the Head Girl of West Acre

During this past year, boarding has had an important impact on my life as a Harrow student. The ‘Village’ has taught me how to get along with others from a wide range of different nationalities and ages. One of the many reasons why I chose to be in boarding is because of all the support I would get from the teachers and other members of boarding, ranging from academics to personal development. The boarding community at Harrow is more than friendly. I personally got a lot of support from the staff, especially my house mistress, when I was adapting to the new environment at Harrow last year and during the exam period. The engaging and empowering culture of boarding makes one realise how important and special every single boarder is to the community. The best thing about being a boarder at Harrow for me is that I can build strong and deep bonds with many people. Living together with other students gave me a brand new experience, greatly helping me develop my social skills. I am really proud to be the Head Girl of West Acre. I look forward to working with our other prefects, constantly seeking ways we can evolve, improve and be innovative, as well as making West Acre an even more loving and caring place by being an attentive and considerate friend.


From the Head Boy of The Grove

Being a Harrow boarder has played a really important role in my life. I joined Harrow back in year 7, so now I have already spent over 6 years in this wonderful community. During my time, I have been influenced and supported by the ‘family’ around me. As I became a full-boarder at such a young age, I thought it was going to be challenging for me to adapt to this new environment outside of my home country, but the meticulous care from the House Masters and Mistresses, together with the inseparable friendship from housemates, made it easy for me to settle. They helped me towards becoming a more independent, caring person with a strong sense of morality. Being a boarder at Harrow has enabled me to be more involved in extra-curricular activities and with gaining help with academics. This has helped me both emotionally and physically. Being the Head boy in The Grove this year I will be collaborating with all four other Grove Prefects to strengthen bonds within the House and between us and West Acre and Bradbys. I am proud to be able to call myself a Harrow Boarder, an experience that will stand me in good stead in the future.