Sixth Form
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Students entering the Sixth Form follow a two-year programme of study. Students normally study four AS Levels in Year 12 and three or four A2 Levels in Year 13. They also contribute significantly to the Leadership in Action programme, taking on leadership roles within their House, the Sixth Form and the wider school community.

The courses on offer can be viewed in the Sixth Form Curriculum booklet:

The Sixth Form workload is demanding and requires commitment, motivation and excellent organisational skills. If students are not able to demonstrate these qualities we may recommend that they seek alternative courses.

To this end, we set a minimum entrance requirement of five IGCSE passes at grade ‘C’ or above to undertake Sixth Form courses, with at least a B grade in the subjects to be studied at AS Level. This requirement is based on our experiences of the level of academic ability required of students to succeed at A Level. It is not in the student’s best interests to be accepted on to courses for which they may not have the ability to cope – if a student does not have five IGCSE passes (or equivalent) then it is likely that Sixth Form study is not for him/her.

During Term 1 we keep a close track of progress and offer as much support as possible. Many students find the transition between IGCSE and A Level challenging. Teachers are experienced in guiding students through these difficulties; facing problems is all part of the learning experience. It is vital students approach and speak to the Form Tutor, Head of House, subject teachers and Head of Sixth Form if advice and support is needed.

Expectations in The Sixth Form

As members of the School Community, students are expected to follow the School’s Code of Conduct, conforming to the ethos of the School, and showing respect and consideration towards members of staff, peers and other students within the School.

Around the School we expect Sixth Formers to set a high standard of behaviour and be a role model for other students. As senior students in the School, younger students will look for an example to be set. The way students conduct themselves has considerable effect on the ethos of the whole School. Sixth Formers are expected to set the standard for the other students and to abide by the regulations on behaviour and dress.

We expect full attendance at all lessons and Leadership in Action commitments. Support for clubs, societies and House events will help the School and also benefit individuals and full support and positive involvement is expected.

Sixth Formers have ownership of the Sixth Form Common Room. However, this also comes with the responsibility for the running and care of the Common Room. It is the responsibility of each member of the Sixth Form to ensure the facilities are treated with the respect they deserve. The Sixth Form Common Room Committee will play a key role in looking after the Common Room and enacting desired changes where possible. Elections take place for new members of the Sixth Form Common Room Committee each year.

Students have a number of private study periods. The purpose of these periods is to give time in School to study, make use of the School’s resources and help with the demands of post-16 courses more effectively. We expect every student to make effective use of private study periods, support is available for those who struggle with time management. All of Year 12 have supervised study periods, and Year 13 have their own quiet study room for their sole use during study periods. It is expected that Year 13 will work independently and balance quiet study with other interests in preparation for independent university life.

Within lessons deadlines for assignments will be set and should be adhered to. Individuals who know they are going to struggle to meet a deadline should seek to negotiate with their teacher; it’s viewed as the mature thing to do.

We recognise that AS and A2 courses place an emphasis on coursework and regular, formal testing. But we also recognise the need for a good work/life balance and an entitlement to activities and experiences that develop the whole person. We offer a range of courses and trips that stimulate and enthuse. When students leave we hope they look back on their time in the Harrow Sixth Form with pride, enthusiasm and pleasure — students realise that this is their Sixth Form and they have a part to play in shaping it. The clear message is, like most things in life, ‘you will only get out what you are prepared to put in’.

More details of life in our Sixth Form can be found below:

The Prefect Team

In Term 2 of Year 12 students are invited to apply to join the Prefect Team and work alongside the Year 13 Prefect Team as School Monitors. The Year 13 Prefect Team, Senior Prefect Team, Head Girl/Boy and Deputy Head Girl/Boy will all be selected from the Monitor Team at the end of Year 12. Criteria for the selection for these roles can be viewed in the document below: