Shell, Remove and Fifth Form (SR5)
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The Shell, Remove and Fifth (SR5) Phase comprises Years 9, 10 and 11 and characterised by strong academic challenge, focused pastoral support and opportunities to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. It culminates in students taking the International General Certificates of Secondary Education (IGCSEs) in their chosen subjects.

In Shell (Year 9), students begin to study subjects as specialists in preparation for their courses. Some departments use the Shell year to begin their IGCSEs in accelerated groups, dependent on the academic ability of students and the course demands. In Remove (Year 10) and Fifth Form (Year 11), all students study the core IGCSE subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, and make optional choices from the following subjects: Thai, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Korean, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, History, Religious Studies, Business Studies, Economics, Drama, Statistics, English Literature, Music, Geography, Information and Communication Technology, Computer Studies and PE.

Our IGCSE programme provides our students with an appropriate level of challenge and prepares them for entry to our Sixth Form. The variety of subjects available and combinations allow our students to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum focusing on their interests and talents. Students identified as particularly talented can study for additional IGCSEs in Development Studies, Astronomy or Classical Civilisations outside normal curriculum time. For those students whose linguistic skills are emerging, our new English for Academic Progress programme is specifically designed to support and teach the linguistic skills required to successfully access their IGCSE courses.

The school has a vibrant House system, with each student being placed in one of our Houses: Byron, Churchill, Keller, Nehru, Sonakul and Suriyothai. The relationships that young Harrovians develop with their House peers, younger and older students and the staff in their House are strong, with a common sense of purpose and pride. Each of our Houses have distinctive House spirit and students are encouraged to represent their House in regular House events and take on leadership positions. Roles such as House Captain, Sports Captain and Media Captain are available for students wanting to develop their leadership skills. They are rewarded with House colours if they show outstanding commitment or contributions to their House. Students are also encouraged to work towards House Awards which recognise their participation in House Events and community service undertaken, culminating in a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

Throughout the year, students to compete for fun in Art, Poetry, Short Story and Chess and Scrabble competitions, football, badminton, volleyball, golf tournaments, the annual swimming gala and Sports Day and even the annual Dragon Boat Race. The breadth of House events is impressive and the House structure is both a success and a central feature of Harrow Bangkok life for all Senior School students. Passions run high as students compete for overall victory (The Peter Siddons Trophy) in all annual House events, the announcement of which is always received with dignity and sportsmanship on Speech Day. All students realise that they are part of something bigger than their House; their School.

Each Head of House oversees three tutor groups within the SR5 phase and students are supported pastorally by their tutor in groups of up to 24 students. All students meet their tutors every morning and for a tutor period once a week, where their academic and social progress and development are carefully monitored. This structure ensures that the tutor and Head of House are central figures to all students within the House, year on year throughout the Upper School. Every effort is made to involve parents in the learning experiences of their child. There are many opportunities to visit the school to find out more about the courses and curricula on offer, to discuss the House and other pastoral care systems and how university application processes differ from country to country, such as during Parent Workshops and Options and Parent Consultation meetings. We have an open door policy for both students and parents, and welcome the opportunity to meet to discuss any concerns and to work towards solutions.

Within the SR5 phase, there is a wide range of Leadership in Action (extra-curricular) opportunities which provide something for all interests and talents after lessons finish at 2.40pm. Activities take place on and off campus five days a week, with many tournaments, expeditions and community service projects being available to students at weekends and during the holidays. House Camps, the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme, Model United Nations, Junior Achievement and Expedition Week, are amongst many other opportunities. Our Exchange Programme is well developed, with Shell students having the opportunity to participate in one of the Harrow Family exchanges, to either the John Lyon School in London or Harrow Beijing or the Ballarat Exchange in Australia. In addition, our top Fifth Form students have the opportunity to attend the Harrow Family Fifth Form Conference at Harrow School, UK in June and join Harrovians from Harrow on the Hill, The John Lyon School, Harrow Beijing and Harrow Hong Kong. The conference enables students to attend specific career-related talks related to their academic potential, participate in challenging leadership workshops, visit University College London and some of the Oxford Colleges as well as visiting some of London’s top tourist sites. 

In summary, the SR5 phase of the school combines academic courses of the highest standard with individual guidance, counselling and pastoral care and a unique range of extra-curricular opportunities in support of our mission, Leadership for a better world. Our students develop as well rounded and high achieving young people, prepared to positively influence the communities they will encounter in their future lives.