Our Mission
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Many nationally and internationally influential leaders have been educated at Harrow. They have often been pragmatic, determined and independent thinkers; people for their time. Our times appear ever more challenging, so require ever more courageous and able leaders.
Leadership for a better world is defined by six leadership attributes that our students increasingly demonstrate during their time at Harrow Bangkok.
·      Contributing positively to the community
·      Applying knowledge with compassion
·      Solving problems collaboratively
·      Solving problems creatively
·      Making just choices
·      Facing challenges with determination
These values are embedded into all aspects of our school life, including the kinds of learning experiences teachers prepare for students in lessons, co-curricular (Leadership in Action) opportunities, our House System and the students’ experiences in boarding.
In providing an integrated learning experience, designed to nurture our students' six leadership attributes, whether in an explicit and obvious manner or quietly behind the scenes, we support our students' ability to influence their future world for the better. In so doing, they follow in the footsteps of great past Harrovians who, through determination, respect and adaptability, overcame challenging circumstances and gave us a better world.