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It is our intention that music should touch the lives of as many children as possible. We continue to involve large numbers of students in a wide variety of music making whilst ensuring we provide a suitable platform for those who are exceptionally gifted. Fundamentally we aim to promote an appreciation and enjoyment of music in students whatever their ability, be they absolute beginners or advanced technicians. The key words are ‘enjoyment’ and ‘fun’ through practical ‘hands on’ experiences in curriculum music lessons.

Curriculum music and extra-curricular music together form the basis of a well-rounded musical education. Our understanding is that there is no real distinction between the two but rather the experience of both gives the most fulfilling and rewarding music programme, with the curriculum lessons complimenting co-curricular musical involvement and vice versa. The two should coexist happily side by side. Within this approach there is an understanding that a ‘core’ curriculum exists up to and including Year 9. During this process students are developing their knowledge and awareness of different styles and periods of music as well as many different cultures and how music is used in these cultures through a process of performing, composing, listening and appraising. We aim to equip students with the skills necessary to study at GCSE and A Level if they so wish and generally, for those students whose formal music education comes to an end at the conclusion of Year 9, that they become more informed consumers of music as young adults and as they progress through life.

For students who do opt to study GCSE or A Level Music or Music Technology, we continually enjoy a 100% success rate from the Edexcel Examination Board with all students obtaining A – C grades at both GCSE and A Level. We offer an extensive range of music activities throughout the week and many of our ensembles choirs and orchestras regularly perform in major end of term and special celebratory concerts within the wider Music and Arts Community of Bangkok. A significant number of our instrumentalists and singers have been honoured to perform for visiting international dignitaries, ambassadors and royalty and we continue to enjoy this special relationship. Fundamentally, at the centre of our philosophy is music for all and with that in mind we encourage as many of our Harrow Bangkok students as possible to get involved, enjoy making music together and make a difference to the world in which they live equipping them with skills to be better leaders in whatever their chosen field of continued studies may be.

“we are committed to a
philosophy which promotes
excellence, whilst enabling
students to experience
the joy of music”