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The Model United Nations(MUN) is an academic simulation of the real United Nations that aims to educate students about current events and improve their communication and diplomacy. MUN is very popular at top American Universities; Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) is the world's oldest continuous College Model UN conference, founded in 1955.
Each student is given a country and specific topics to research and represent in debate in a range of committees. Committees tackle human rights, social, economic and environmental issues. There is also a simulation of the Security Council with its five permanent members and 10 rotating member countries, and often have full General Assemblies with up to 90 country teams involved in debate. This presentation outlines how the committees work and shows how MUN is run at Harrow Bangkok. 
Recent topics have included:
  • Russia versus Ukraine in the International Court of Justice
  • ISIS aggression towards UN member states (Syria, Iraq, Lebanon)
  • Jihadist threats to UN member states in Africa (Nigeria, Mali, CAR, Chad, Somalia, Kenya, Libya)
  • The plight of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
  • The UN’s list of (17) Non-Self Governing Territories
  • Measures to prevent terrorists gaining weapons of mass destruction
  • Militarization of the Arctic  due to decay of natural borders
  • The question of disposal of human bodies of Ebola victims in West Africa.
  • The question of rapid deforestation in the Amazon.
  • Prevention, protection & cooperation against use of new information technologies to abuse and exploit children
  • Standard Minimum Regulations for Treatment of Prisoners
  • Impact of global climate changes on sustainable development, encouraging agriculture and preventing desertification (e.g. cordons pierreux)
  • Sustainable production of biofuels in developing countries
  • The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand June 1914  in the Historical Crisis Committee
  • US invasion of Iraq 2003 in the Historical Crisis Committee
  • Emergency Issue in the General Assembly
  • Updating the MDG's (Millennium Development Goals)
  • Evaluating The Global Slavery Index
Model United Nations is a popular activity at Harrow with numbers growing all the time. We have a thriving Upper School MUN club which meets during the activity programme on a Wednesday and a lunchtime debating club run by the MUN Leadership committee, solely comprising of students. In addition, our Prep School students have the opportunity to be introduced to MUN early and start to learn about debating and to develop the skills required to attend a conference. There are many opportunities for students to attend conference both in Bangkok and abroad, in South East Asia, where they can learn to write resolutions to tackle global issues, improve their public speaking skills, and make lots of new friends.