Military Training
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Harrow Bangkok has a proud and longstanding history of supporting Thai students through their military training. Students in Years 10-13 are guided and coached through the process by our experienced Thai Principal.

Harrow Bangkok’s Thai Principal, Khun Khanitha Prawichen, was appointed as Harrow Bangkok’s military training students’ Special Advisor in 2011. In 2013 Khun Khanitha received an award for Outstanding Military Training Advisor from the Territorial Defense School. Harrow Bangkok was also selected as an outstanding military training students’ school. These awards were presented to Khun Khanitha by the Commander of the Army Reserve Affair Centre,  Lieutenant General Wichit Sriprasert.

Due to the integrated nature of the programme, students are able to continue their studies uninterrupted, managing their co-curricular and academic commitments around the military training requirements. Many students use the experiences gained in military training in their university applications and refer to them in university interviews.

Leadership is at the heart of the Harrow ethos and alongside team-building, self-awareness, self-control and patriotism, forms a key part of the military training experience.

Students who graduate from the three years of military training can request exemption from compulsory national service and gain appointment as a sergeant in the Army Reserve Affairs Centre.

For those who want to study overseas (for whom compulsory national service is not desirable) successful completion of the military training programme avoids this requirement.

Major General Virote Wichitdho, Commanding General of the Reserve Affairs Center, attends a wreath laying ceremony on Remembrance Day as an honoured guest. After the ceremony he inspected the Harrow Bangkok military training students.