The Infants School
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The Infant School is a vibrant and happy place, where children aged 5 to 7 years have the opportunity to learn within a thoughtful, creative and well-resourced environment. Classrooms, shared areas and the outdoors flow seamlessly to encourage active and collaborative learning experiences. The children’s individual learning styles are recognised and catered for by our highly skilled and caring teachers and assistants.

Our bespoke Harrow Bangkok Curriculum ensures that the Essential Core Skills of English, Mathematics and Digital Literacy (ICT) are taught to a high standard, providing students with a solid foundation for future learning. Combined with a topic approach towards Art, Design and Technology, International Studies, History and Geography, students learn more about their world through hands on, and real life learning activities. Specialist teachers encourage the love of music, Thai culture, languages and physical activity. Technology is a theme that runs throughout much of the children’s’ learning.

Day trips and visiting experts encourage pupils to question and to make links to their classroom based work. After school activities further encourage a well-rounded Infant School student. From horse riding to boxing, there are many choices and interests to pursue.

Independence and responsible behaviours are developed as Year 1 students take part in a combined day camp and one night sleep over during Expedition Week in February. Year 2 students venture further afield as they attend a two day programme at Siam Ocean World, including sleeping with the sharks!

Home/School links are highly valued and encouraged. The individual learning experiences of each child is celebrated and shared with Parents regularly throughout the year. Communication through the virtual learning platform ‘FROG’, blogs, letters and email keep all up to date with the day to day happenings at School. Information workshops enable all Parents to be informed about curriculum developments and how to best help their children succeed.