How To Apply
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All applicants to Harrow Bangkok are required to submit an application form, student health record (in a format specified by Harrow Bangkok) and her/his latest school reports for review. If there is an available place within the appropriate Year Group and the consideration criteria have been met, the student will be invited to visit Harrow Bangkok to complete the assessments. There will be a non-refundable application fee of THB 5,000 charged on the day the student comes to the school for assessments. Parents will be notified of the assessment result within one week by telephone, followed by confirmation in writing.


  1. All applicants are required to go through an admission process, including admission testing.
  2. All applicants are requested to submit a recent (the latest, if available), school report.
  3. Admission testing varies depending on the year group. Generally testing would include, English, Mathematics and an interview. An in-class assessment may be required for younger students.
  4. The offer of a place is determined by the result of the tests and interview, the ability of the student to access the curriculum in English and the ability of the parents to meet the school fees.
  5. Priority is given to native English speakers, students with siblings already in the school, students who also apply for Harrow Boarding, students who are already studying in an English language international school, students studying in a bilingual school or on an international programme.
  6. If an application is made for a student with a learning difficulty/physical disability, that student will be considered, provided we can support their specific need. Consultation will take place with our Learning Support Department if appropriate. If we cannot support that student’s need, we will suggest other schools that may be more appropriate to consider.
  7. Confirmation of the offer of a place is subject to the parents signing the Home School Agreement and Parental Terms and Conditions. Parents must return of all required documentation and the payment of the first term’s fees, in advance. The Application Fee, Admission Fee and returnable deposit must also have been paid.
  8. All admitted students are put into their chronological year group, based on the academic year, beginning on 1st September, unless there are very good reasons for not doing so, at the sole discretion of the School.
  9. There can be no deviation, preference or privilege from this policy.



Click here to download the Admissions Procedure