Habitat for Humanity
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There can be nothing more satisfying than spending several days building a home with the proud new owner. Harrow Bangkok pupils have constructed over 10 complete houses in Rayong, Phuket, Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai. Starting with rebar and the foundations, the house slowly takes shape as hours of effort prepare the foundations, before the labour intensive cement mixing for the floor takes place. Once the floor has hardened, walls can be built under the watchful eye of the supervisors, and doors and windows installed. Meanwhile, outside the house, the 1.5m deep septic tank is dug into the ground.
Sweat, tears and toil are the order of the day, but watching a house develop is remarkable. Leaving a family with a home is priceless, which is where the tears occur. Harrow pupils build houses every year. If you would like to join one of these builds, please contact the LiA Office.