Friends of Harrow
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From the Chairperson

It is my honour to be the new chairperson of Friends of Harrow, and I am looking forward to working with such a strong and hardworking committee over the coming year. Together, we will help support and sponsor many projects, and organise a range of exciting school events.

I have been a part of the Harrow Bangkok community since 2007 as I have two boys aged 9 and 11 in the school. Both of them enjoy boarding at Bradbys House.

Our next major event is the Harrow Fair, held on Saturday 19th November. This year, as part of an effort to be ‘greener’, the fair will be more eco friendly. This means we are committed to using less paper cups and more reusable drinking bottles, producing less non-recyclable waste and rubbish, and encouraging people to leave the car at home and use a free bus service to travel to the fair.

Myself and many other members of the committee are often in school, so if you have any questions about the fair or any other events and projects we support around the campus, please do stop to chat.

Wishing to do a good job for you as Friends of Harrow Chairperson,

Thanathorn Puengpak (Khun Jarr)


Welcome to the new committee members for 2016-17

Ms. Mineyo Jackson, Sport Coordinator

Ms. Surangkana Sukanjanajtee, Academic Events Coordinator

Mr. Charles Toomey, Fundraising Coordinator

Ms. Kyoko Trehan, Secretary


What is Friends of Harrow?

Friends of Harrow (FOH) is a group of parents who work to enhance the school experience for the entire Harrow Community and beyond. We are not a Parent Teacher Association, but rather we focus on adding value.

There are many aspects to what we do; we help to arrange special learning and festival days in school to make learning interactive and fun.

We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and sports events wherever possible.

We encourage student and teacher initiatives through our bidding program to provide the extra things that make life at Harrow Bangkok so rewarding.

We provide outreach opportunities for students’ personal development through our Travel Awards Program.

We have a Scholarship Program for pupils in neighbouring communities and also assist in bringing children and families from the house charities to experience our Harrow Fair Day.

There are so many ways to be involved in the Harrow Community. Whether you are an elected committee member, assist committee members at sales and events, come to our Parent Workshops or simply enjoy being part of FOH events, we welcome your involvement.

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