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Expeditions and residential trips are absolutely central to a Harrow Bangkok education. The Expedition Programme ensures that a Harrow Bangkok student receives a wealth of stimulating, diverse and challenging experiences, either within Thailand and abroad. Whilst ensuring a safe yet challenging environment, students are enticed out of  their safety zones and encouraged to push themselves, question, work with others and make just choices. Time for debrief and reflection allow students the opportunity to reassess their actions and decisions, before they face the next obstacle.
Expeditions Week takes place annually in February, in the week before half term. Our expeditions programme provides a clear progression of activities and expectations – from the first night away from home as a Year 1 pupil to life changing experiences in other parts of the world as a sixth former.
Various other trips take place throughout the year, for instance to ski in Europe, trek the Nepali Himalayas, or climb Mount Kinabalu, amongst others.
Further accounts and details of expeditions, plus the Harrow Bangkok Expedition Booklet can be obtained from the Operational Services Office.