Council of International Schools
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The Council of International Schools (CIS) is the premier worldwide accreditation organisation for international schools. Through its professional staff of Regional Accreditation Officers, backed by a team of administrative personnel and CIS volunteers, the Accreditation Service manages an Accreditation Programme which encourages teaching and learning focused school improvement through a process of continuous Self-Study and Peer Visitor evaluation. Working in partnership with member schools, this service sets the standards for international education as laid out in the Guide to School Evaluation and Accreditation, currently in its eighth edition.

The final award of ‘Accredited Status’ demonstrates that a member school has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and has a commitment to continuous improvement.
Heads and teachers from member schools play an active role as ‘Peer Visitors’ and ‘Report Readers’, assessing and evaluating the progress of schools at the ‘Visiting Team’ stage and over the rest of the accreditation cycle. The process is thereby enriched by the sharing of knowledge and effective practice, to the benefit of not only schools but also the peers involved in their evaluation.
Harrow Bangkok was accredited in 2006 and successfully re-assessed in 2011.
‘The (June 2011) Five Year Visitors’ Report contains a number of references to strong, improved or improving features identified at Harrow International School Bangkok.
Major School Strengths include:
  • The Board of Governors who provide the school with sound direction and effective support in the current and long term life of the school.
  • The commitment of the school to using the accreditation process as a tool for ongoing reflection, identification of commendable practice, and areas for improvement.
  • The learning focused nature of the school, engaging both students and staff, and the concentration on the development of leadership qualities in students.
  • The overriding ethos in which the qualities of respect, care, purposefulness and enjoyment form an integral part of a rigorous and vibrant learning community.
  • The talented, professionally dedicated staff who are willing to make extra efforts on behalf of the students.
  • The emphasis that is placed upon each teacher knowing each student as an individual and the creation of personalised learning opportunities.
  • The commitment and dedication of the teaching body. Students felt well supported and genuinely cared for. The school should be very proud of this culture of care and support.
  • The significant developments that have taken place in the use of ICT as a learning tool, as an administrative tool, and to aid communication with the whole school community.
  • The provision for children, staffing levels (Teachers and TA’s), the level of parental involvement and general ambience within the Early Years Unit.
  • The school has clearly invested in the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of its staff and encouraged INSET throughout the school. Staff commented positively about this and recognised the school’s commitment to their on-going professional development.
  • Harrow Bangkok has proved itself to be pro-active within the region in regards to establishing and nurturing productive links with other International schools and organisations to help foster professional dialogue amongst teachers.
The school has placed a priority on improving the provision for ESL students. CIS was also pleased to read the following important phrases in the conclusion of the 
Visitors’ Report: 
“The Visitors were highly impressed with the school atmosphere and the overriding ethos in which wellbeing, learning, academic excellence and leadership form an integral part of a rigorous and vibrant learning community. The staff is clearly very talented, professionally dedicated and willing to make extra efforts on behalf of the students. There is a very good atmosphere of student-staff relations.
The next re-assessment will be in 2016.
The award of Full Accreditation Status provides us with the recognition and credibility which reassures parents and students of our schools’ commitment to the best practices in education.

CIS Membership Certificate 2013-14

CIS Membership Certificate 2014-15