Community Service in the Mae Sot Area
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Every year, Harrow Bangkok's Examination Officer, David Eastgate, travels to Mae Sot to conduct English Second Language examinations (KET/PET) for teachers at the local migrant schools and within the Mae La refugee camp, the largest temporary refugee camp in the world. We work in conjunction with the Mobile Education Partnerships ( (MEP) who are “a professional teacher training and educational organisation offering specialist support to communities affected by war and poverty”. This organisation, winner of the charity of the year award (2011), is making tremendous progress with teaching and learning in the migrant communities of the Thai-Burmese border area and Harrow Bangkok is proud to work with them. Over the past year, we have sent money to help pay for boarders' needs in the PTMJC (Pu Taw Junior Memorial College) refugee school and supplied pens, paper and other resources requested by the teachers of Irrawaddy School, Sky Blue School, Husa Ka Han Sar School and Pyi Chit School. We provided 9000 THB to clear the arrears for Phi Chit school to enable them to get support from a local governing body, and recently funded a motorcycle in order that BEP staff can move freely between the schools, due to the lack of public transport.
Noh Bo Academy is a boarding school catering for many displaced Burmese Karen young people as well as local Thai Karen. Harrow Bangkok has recently supported them by purchasing text books, a line machine to mark the fields and many items for their Christmas Appeal.
The needs of the various Mae Sot communities remain pressing and we will continue to support the MEP and others in their endeavours. It is anticipated that Harrow Bangkok students will visit the refugee camp as well as other schools to offer support and make donations.